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I have always’ been turned on by women in fetish gear but never did anything about it, well until recently that is, I was on holiday in Ibiza where I met this gorgeous lady, We had lots to drink and then she invited me back to her hotel room which I gracefully accepted, once we where through the door I could not contain my passion any more and grabbed hold of her, kissing her neck and letting my hands wonder over her fantastic body, she didn’t resist, b u pulled back and said do you like kinky sex? Well I replied I do get turned on with certain fetishes like bondage, and dressing up but I have never actually tried it. With that she lead me over to her bed and tied my to the headboard, she took something out of her wardrobe and went into the bathroom, when she came back she was wearing a tight leather outfit, she come over to me and lay down next to me on the bed, feeling her leather clad body next to my naked body really got me going, I had the best sex that night of my life and didn’t want it to end.

I thought about her and the night we had all the way back home, I realized I had just had my first experience of kinkiness and I loved it, but where could I go for more I asked myself. So once I was settled in at home again I started browsing for Fetish Personals I wanted to know more and how to go about finding other adults, I found this fetish personals website with a free sign up, so in I went, I soon met lots of interesting people, they all told me a little about their own fetishes and I found myself listening with intrigue.

It seemed to me that I had just discovered another world with British men and women enjoying fetish sex in abundance, Of cause this made me feel like I had been missing out, I wanted to experience fetish sex for myself, after browsing through the site I found a lady that I really fancied and arranged to meet up with her in our local town for a coffee and to see what might happen.

Wow, I had the most amazing afternoon and an even better night, this lady was awesome, I have never enjoyed sex so much in my life and found the kinky sex to be so fulfilling, I suppose there are many British men and women who would never admit to having kinky feeling and wanting to try fetish sex, well all I can say to them is don’t be silly, you don’t know what your missing. There is nothing wrong with kinky sex and every one should try it at least once in their lives.

I suppose there is a stigma about what is acceptable when it comes to sex, I must admit that while I was browsing I did feel a little awkward, then I realized that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that lots of British men and women where enjoying them selves on this Fetish Personals website. I wanted to thank the girl from my holiday, because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be having all this kinky fun with fetish sex.

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