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I was shocked at these kinky dogging couples having sex in front of me but something intrigued me and I felt excited and could not take my eye’s off the dogging action in front of me, I noticed some movement in the bushes near one of the cars and saw a guy standing there watching intently, he had his cock in his hand and was masturbating, the couple must have know he was there but carried on shagging.

My boyfriend put his hand on my leg and started to squeeze it, I knew what he wanted so I suggested we went home and headed straight to the bedroom where he fucked me. We where both turned on by the dogging experience that we started going to various dogging locations to watch kinky dogging couples making out, on one occasion I was feeling so horny that I took my boyfriends cock out of his pants and gave him a blowjob, I know it was naughty but we both got such a thrill from performing a sex act in a public place the we got more adventurous every time we went to a dogging meet.

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